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Iva [eye-vuh] Son is an interactive designer, an educator, and a linguistics researcher
whose current projects revolve around children's emergent literacy skills
and foreign language development via technology. She's full of dreams.



I’ve been teaching following courses at Parsons the School of Design:

Web Media 1

This is an introduction to Flash course being taught by daily lectures, demonstrations, in-class assignments, and project-based homework. Topics covered are Flash’s interface, techniques in animation, importing artwork and using sound. Around the middle of the semester students begin working with interactivity. At that point I will cover “action scripting ”using buttons and frame actions.

Core Lab: Time

In this class, students explore hands-on skills for time-based media production and processes for projects in Core Studio: Time. Each week, students will be required to complete in-class exercises on the various topics and techniques, from pre-production to post-production, discussed during that week’s lecture in the studio class. Students will achieve digital/audio editing skills in Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack, and After Effects.

Web Design Basics

Students create a Web presence using the basic structure of HTML5. Learn the basic rules of CSS3 and how to format text, optimize images, embed video and sound, create hyperlinks, and develop effective interface design and navigation. Aspects of web technology, such as hosting, domains, self-promotion, and content management systems(CMS) are discussed.

Responsive Web Design

Using practices related to flexible Web design, students create designs for the Web and its various screen formats (laptops, large desktop monitors, tablets, and mobile phones) and orientation style shifts. Projects focus on producing design solutions that emphasize the principles of Web design and Web-based typography in elastic and liquid layouts.

Digital Imaging with Photoshop 1

This course is designed to acquire a working knowledge of this industry-standard software used for print, Web pages, animation, presentation, video production, and enhancement of traditional and digital photography. Explore scanning and color correction, tools and layers for image compositing, elemental retouching, and type treatments.

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